About Us

Micro Mart magazine was launched as Micro Computer Mart back in 1985. Originally a fortnightly publication, it switched to its current weekly format at the start of the 1990s, and has consistently been a home for new and used computer bargains.

On top of that, Micro Mart magazine is packed to the rafters every week with news, reviews and features from around the world of technology. It prides itself on searching out the unusual to sit alongside the more well known, and the coffee consumption of the team who work on it best described as "substantive". We very much want Micro Mart magazine to be a publication that covers what you're interested in, and please don't be afraid to get in touch if there's something in particular that you want us to cover, that we haven't already. All feedback is always welcome!

As for the key contact e-mail address?

If you're interested in doing some freelance writing for Micro Mart, then drop us a line at theeditor@micromart.co.uk

If you're interested in advertising in Micro Mart, then drop Karl Taylor a line at karl_taylor@dennis.co.uk

If you're got something you're like us to review, then contact Simon Brew at simon@simonbrew.com

If you want to talk about magazine content, features, or what confectionary is on special offer in local supermarkets, then Micro Mart editor Anthony Enticknap can be contacted at theeditor@micromart.co.uk

Micro Mart is published by Dennis Publishing. You can find out more about Dennis right here.