New generation of capsule speakers

News Feb 26, 2013

Thanks XMI

Given the success of its X-mini KAI Capsule, it’s little surprise to hear that XMI has decided forge ahead and launch a new generation of similarly diminutive speakers for music on the move.

The new products, a mono speaker UNO and stereo MAX speakers, promise to improve on the X-mini II (apparently the top-selling travel speaker in the UK market) with ceramic tweeters producing a wider frequency range covering higher and lower sounds, therefore reducing distortion along the way.

These speakers will last for up to 20 hours (UNO) and 18 hours (MAX), while the built-in Lithium-ion batteries are charged via USB in just two or three hours. The X-mini UNO will cost you £39.99 and the X-mini MAX will cost £49.99.

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