Gameloft acts on freemium game compliants

News Jan 2, 2013

My Little Pony courts controversy

This could well turn out to be a minor turning point in the controversial world of in-app purchases.

Mobile game developer Gameloft has been forced to lower the cost of playing its title My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic after players complained that the amount of money required to complete the game was far too high.

The biggest issue surrounding this particular title is that it’s squarely aimed at children, actively encouraging them, or more specifically their parents, to splash the cash at any opportunity. As with most of these freemium titles, while the game itself is free, various paid-for features and options can be purchased to complete the title quicker, and the final pony needed in order to complete the game previously cost the equivalent of £34. That’s now been dropped to a more palatable £5.

We hope that this action makes consumers more aware of racking up massive bills with freemium mobile titles. We’re also oddly intrigued by the horsey title mentioned above, so we might take a sneaky look - but we won’t be buying anything.