Film biopic of McAfee planned

News Feb 7, 2013

Very strange tale to get Hollywood treatment

It had to happen, we suppose. John McAfee’s very strange tale has been picked up by Warner Bros.

The movie studio has snapped up the rights to an article published in Wired on McAfee’s all-too-public tale of being on the run, ‘John McAfee’s Last Stand’. McAfee’s story is known to pretty much everyone by now and there’s little denying that it’s an interesting one.
McAfee blogged about his experience, of course, and the whole affair ended up with no charges laid at his door and he’s now living in Oregon.

Whether it’s right for Hollywood to take advantage of McAfee’s exploits is debatable, but we can’t say we’re surprised to hear about this. If you haven’t read his blog yet, we urge you to as it makes for fascinating, if all slightly bizarre, reading:

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