Acer Aspire S7 ultrabook review

Reviews James Hunt Feb 11, 2013

James reckons this Acer is a good choice for entertainment

The current incarnation of the Acer Aspire S7 ultrabook is one of the most recently released models we've looked at for this guide, so it's no surprise that on paper, it's one of the best-performing.

It seems designed for Windows 8, with a super-thin 13.3" 10-point touchscreen allowing you to access Windows 8's more tablet-like features. Full HD resolution makes it a good choice for entertainment. The chassis is almost impossibly thin given that it's a full notebook PC. It's easy to love, and no aspect of it seems to fall short.

Well, almost no aspect. We weren't that impressed with the tiny Bluetooth mouse that ships alongside it, but you still have the option of a touchpad, and if you find yourself getting frustrated with that, you can always just jab the actual screen instead. With so many input options, you'll quickly find yourself cobbling together all three to make Windows 8's various features work for you.

Tech-wise, the only real flaw is that it's getting by on 4GB of memory - the lowest amount you'd want to run 64-bit Windows 8 on. Intel HD Graphics 4000 isn't especially impressive, but it's enough to get your 1080p videos running without any problem. The 256GB SSD is more or less standard, but given their expense, it's hard to imagine how much this model would have cost if it went any higher. Ports include two USB 3.0, one micro-HDMI and a card reader. If you're wondering about Ethernet and VGA, don't worry: it ships with USB adaptors, which add support for these sockets.

Certainly, Acer has taken a lot of care here. The battery life is a solid 12 hours, the keyboard is backlit with an ambient light sensor, and there's a well-designed cooling system that makes sure you'll never burn your lap. It's pricy but worth it. Compare these specs to the more expensive Dell XPS 13, and you'll see what we mean.


• CPU: Core i7-3517U
• SSD Size: 256GB
• Screen: 13.3" full HD
• Weight: 1.3kg
• Thickness: 11.9mm
• Price: £1,100


Power: 8/10
Value: 7/10
Overall: 8/10 

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