Budget smartphones selling big

News Feb 7, 2013

Nokia’s low-end line outsells premium handset by more than double

Nokia’s Asha budget smartphone line is outselling its premium Lumia range by more than double.

This news has stemmed from the release of Nokia’s quarterly results, which has revealed that the total number of Asha and Lumia devices sold in the last quarter of 2012 was 14 million. Of those, just 4.4 million were Lumias.

The BBC has also reported that a principal analyst at IHS forecasts that 31% of the global overall handset market will be low-end smartphones by 2016. Interestingly, Apple has denied reports of a budget iPhone, which will have been met with sighs from potential Apple devotees. Good to know, however, that budget phones are ruling the roost, and here’s hoping it has some sort of impact on prices in the market overall, although we very much doubt it.

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