FTC gets off Google’s back

News Jan 24, 2013

The 19 month investigation has come to an end

Following a protracted 19-month investigation into the search giant, the Federal Trade Commission has decided not to take legal action after all.

In the end, the FTC found that Google had not placed any bias on its search results in order to favour its own products and this is welcome news to the firm which is also being investigated over a competition ruling by the European Commission.

The ruling by the FTC also impacts on how Google will deal with patent issues with the firm saying that it will charge ‘fair and reasonable’ rates to companies needing to use its standard essential patents. The firm has also agreed not to look for court injunctions to stop shipments of rival products using its standard patents and this last point is potentially significant as it could be seen to play a role in future patent disputes further down the line involving other technology companies.

If it means less patent disputes in 2013, we can only applaud any legal action.

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