Virgin ends free tube wi-fi

News Feb 26, 2013

Pay up from 29th January

It had to happen at some point, we guess. The London Underground’s free wi-fi, provided by Virgin Media, of course, is now a subscription-only service, with the London Olympics now a distant memory.

The free provision was brought about because of the games, of course, but now the company wants travellers to pay £2 per day, £5 per week or £15 per month. If you’re a Virgin customer for either its mobile, broadband or phone services, or a mobile contract holder with EE, Orange, T-Mobile or Vodafone, use of the wi-fi remains free (presuming you registered for the service first), and with expansion of the service expected this year (the service currently reaches 92 stations), the scheme has arguably been a success.

If people are prepared to pay, though, then that’s even more of a success for Virgin.

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