52 jobs in 52 weeks

News Jan 24, 2013

Can you give a man a job?

Cornwall’s Matt Frost has laid down a heck of a New Year’s Resolution - to work 52 different jobs in 52 weeks, all in the name of charity fundraising. Lunatic.

The original idea actually stems from The One-Week Job Project, created back in 2007 by Canadian Sean Aiken. Now, Sean has taken the project global and Matt Frost is the lucky (we think that’s the right term) chap to take on the UK arm of the idea.

Any money paid by his employers will be handed straight over to The Prince’s Trust, and anyone looking to offer him an opportunity of a week’s worth of work should email him at matt@oneweekjob.co.uk or visit his site for more information www.oneweekjob.com/uk.

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