Got Something To Sell? On The Hunt For Something?

News Feb 6, 2013

We'll print your ad for free!

Have you got loads of old hardware clogging up your shelves? Old PCs sitting in cupboards? Printers for footstools?

Why not advertise them in the weekly four-page classifieds section we print in Micro Mart every week? All you have to do is drop us an email with the details! It's got to be better than them going to the tip...  

Or maybe you're looking for something that you think our readers may have lying around themselves? Why not ask them? 

To be accepted into the magazine, we need:

* Your 35 word ad

* The section you'd like to feature in: Hardware For Sale, Software For Sale, Hardware Wanted, Software Wanted

* Name and contact details (landline phone number, a non-webmail e-mail address)

Please email them across to

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