Apple starts making Macs in the US

News Dec 2, 2012

Company looks to build closer to home

Tim Cook has told US TV network NBC that Apple is looking to do more and more work in the US, with most of its key products currently being manufactured in China, of course.

With this in mind, the company has announced that it will produce a line of Macs in the States, and Cook has also let loose in a separate interview with Bloomberg Business Week that the firm will be investing over $100m in making the move Stateside.

Apple can create more jobs in the US with this move, around 200 in fact, plus perhaps calm some of the fears over past worries about working conditions in its China-based assembling operations. Corporate responsibility group SumOfUs isn’t convinced, though, stating that it feels this is nothing other than a publicity stunt, claiming its business model “rests on the exploitation of hundreds of thousands of Chinese workers in sweatshop-like conditions.”

Whatever happens, you can be sure that Apple will be in for another successful year next year.