Apple old, Apple new

News Jan 14, 2013

As an old warhorse Apple I makes plenty of cash, out rolls the latest iMac

Another rare Apple 1 computer has been auctioned off for megabucks. Last year, one sold for £240,000 and now an auction house has gone one better, selling one dating back to 1976 for £320,000.

The first home computer to work with a keyboard and screen, hand-built by the fair hands of Steve Wozniak, was the first product to come out of the Apple stable and they are naturally something of a rare collectors’ item, not least because only around 200 were ever built and only 44 are known to still exist. Compare this with the $500 The Woz got for his HP calculator to help build the prototype for the Apple 1, and it’s made many a pretty penny down the years.

In other Apple news, the latest iMac is now with us, featuring the rather nice and much improved display, faster processor and the Fusion Drive storage option. At the time of writing, the 21” model was available to order, while the bigger brother 27” design would be with interested buyers closer to the Christmas period.

It’s fair to say that this model won’t be worth £320,000 in 30+ years time.

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