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News Jan 14, 2013

Classic calls shared at PandaIT S.O.S.

In September 2012, Panda Security launched PandaIT S.O.S., an international contest giving IT professionals a chance to share their hilarious or frankly bizarre moments in dealing with user problems. IT problems, it seems are the same throughout the world.
The winner of the contest, who won a new iPad for his troubles, was the chap who dealt with this little beauty:

"Client: Oh, I’m seeing the mouse pointer move on its own.

IT Professional: Yes, Sir. It’s me. I’ve already got remote access to your computer. I will solve your problem right away.

Client: Oh, that’s nice. Do you want me to turn on the lights? Maybe you’ll see better."

Among the other entries, our personal favourite was the chap who recounted the story of a user having trouble printing documents. The user told the IT fellow that the computer has said it ‘can’t find printer’. “I’ve tried turning the computer screen to face the printer, but the computer can’t see the printer.”

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