Surface Pro tablet gets priced up

News Jan 14, 2013

More than £500 for the basic version

Microsoft has unveiled its pricing strategy for the Surface with Windows Pro tablet, and it’s a fair chunk more than the current Surface with Windows RT device.

The basic 64GB version will cost $899 when it shows itself in January, with the 128GB version costing $999, and it will house an Intel Core i5 chip with Intel HD Graphics 4000 running a full HD resolution, plus 4GB RAM. Running the full Windows 8 OS, the price point means this is $400 more than the less powerful Surface with Windows RT device and also pitches it promisingly against the iPad.

This high-end business model also has only four and a half hours battery life, which is frighteningly poor when you compare that with the ten hours of the iPad. In fact, that’s the kind of stat that puts Microsoft is on the back foot from the start.

Interestingly, Steve Ballmer has practically admitted to shareholders that Microsoft was far too slow to react to the tablet market.

"Maybe we should have done that earlier,” Ballmer said, of releasing Microsoft’s own tablet. You think?