Tech skills gap "threatens men"?

News Jan 7, 2013

Do you feel manly?

Do we rely too much on our computers? This was the question posed by Crucial in a bit of a silly survey commissioned by the company, and it appears men are missing the ‘manly’ mark when it comes to mucking around in the house.

Only a third of women asked felt that blokes had the skills to mend things like a faulty car or, oddly, fix slow computers. Over half of men surveyed (51%) said they find the thought of upgrading a home computer’s hard drive extremely confusing and 39% admitted to being baffled by upgrading memory.

Women want more, it seems, with over two in five surveyed saying that men should be able to upgrade a home computer to speed up performance, and three quarters of women thought mending a faulty car was a man’s job.

Sexist? Perhaps, but if this is really true, then there’s surely a market out there for any keen upgraders among you.

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