YouView trademark dispute raises its head

News Jan 7, 2013

Sugar's service under fire

Alan Sugar has done many a thing to contribute to the UK’s technology past and he’s clearly keen to have a say in its future too with the development of the YouView TV platform. He’s having a spot of bother with the name, though.

Cheltenham-based technology company YourView filed its name back in 2009 and a ruling has been upheld by London’s High Court that YouView is “confusingly similar”.

YouView filed its name nine months after YourView and the legal challenge has been in the air now for some time. This latest development suggests that YouView’s claims that it has “no intention of changing its name” might have to be looked at again, although it’s hoping that the matter will be settled in court.

Clearing this up would make for a good task on The Apprentice.