Google facing legal action over cookie claims

News Feb 26, 2013

Safari UK users go on the attack

Google is facing up to legal action in the UK because of claims over collecting data using Cookies that sidled around Safari’s privacy settings.

This case in the UK, which has been put forward by the campaign group Safari Users Against Google’s Secret Tracking, is reported to have ten signatories at the time of writing and lawyers have asked more to come forward for the action.

Google has already had to settle a case in the States over accusations of breaching privacy after bypassing Safari’s secure browser settings, and now UK users want a payout too. The problem centres around the DoubleClick adverts, with the legal action asserting that Google designed a code to circumvent the privacy settings in Safari “in order to deposit the cookies on computers in order to provide user-targeted advertising” according to the law firm representing the group.

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