App of the week: Guns 4 Hire

Features David Hayward Feb 7, 2013

David Hayward goes ballistic and guns down the opposition

The Windows 8 Store is becoming quite a crowded place these days, with many of the featured apps being free to play. Of these, the most fun apps are of course the gaming ones and, what’s more, if you find a little gem that’s for free, hidden among the others, then you’re in for a real treat.

Guns 4 Hire is one such gem. Published by Rebellion Games, this top down free game can be found by either starting to type the words ‘Guns 4 …’ or by locating it the old fashioned way in the Games section, under ‘Top Free’.

Total destruction

You control four mercenaries, who are quite possibly the toughest squad of meat-heads on the planet. Lovers of the Expendables movies will no doubt see similarities between certain characters and the layout of the game.

The aim of the game is fairly simple:t ake on some crime lords and ruthless dictators, blow up everyone and everything and get paid for doing it. As it happens, pretty much everything in the game can be blown to smithereens, be they oil drums (carelessly discarded to add a tactical advantage when blown up near the enemy), cars, road-blocks, boxes or trees. You get the picture.

The gameplay is fairly linear, and you’ll follow a well-beaten track through the level, gunning all in sight, with the occasional jaunt off down a side alley to collect a semi-hidden reward of some much needed funds, health or a weapon of some description.

Guns, guns, guns

After the end of each level, your payment is calculated and your score taken into account. The amount of damage dealt, how much of the mission you completed and side missions such as wiping out a most wanted target will earn you extra cash to spend in the store.
The store itself will grant you the ability to heal your men, purchase upgrades for the weapons you already have and add more to your arsenal. In addition, you can use real-world money to unlock further enhancements in the form of more in-game cash, better weaponry, armour and support items like mini-gun turrets, mines and grenade packs.

Looks good

Surprisingly, Guns 4 Hire isn’t a bad-looking game. You’d expect a free app/game to come with some okay graphics, but G4H is actually pretty good. Those of you who used to play the PS3 title Zombie Apocalypse will be familiar with the kind of game G4H comes across as.

The graphics are big, bold, colourful and full of detail. The explosions and splattering of the enemy as they walk into one of your grenades are graphically splendid, if you like that kind of thing, and the game has a good flicker-free backdrop to wander around in.
It’s all about tactics as the game progresses; rather than ploughing in, guns blazing and then standing there soaking up the bullets, you start to use cover and careful deployment of the various means of support at your disposal.


How far you’ll be able to progress without having to spend real-world cash is debatable, but for a free romp around and shooting everything for a few hours, you can’t go far wrong with Guns 4 Hire.

So what are you waiting for? Get in. Wreck it. Get paid. Rather like our crack squad of reviewers, isn’t it?