Go Pro with the new JoyTAB tablet PC

News Jan 14, 2013

Bluetooth keyboard case included from Gemini

UK-based Gemini Devices has been busy of late and we’re only too happy to fly the flag once again for the homegrown firm.

This time round, the company has unleashed a new 9.7” ARM Cortex A9 dual core JoyTAB tablet PC with a Bluetooth keyboard case, the JoyTAB Duo 9.7 Pro. The newest model in its ever-expanding tablet range also boasts quad core graphics and the Jelly Bean Android OS, promising more of a powerhouse than other budget tablets. For the £199.99 being asked of consumers to stump up, this impressive-sounding tablet device also throws in 1GB DDR2 memory, mini-USB and Micro SD slots for data transfer and media sharing, plus that all-important mini-HDMI port to hook it up to a TV or PC for HD playback. 

Wrapping up a fairly generous feature list, the JoyTAB Duo 9.7 Pro also includes both front- and rear-mounted 2.0MP camera, 16GB built-in storage as standard (with a further 32GB from that Micro SD slot), and battery life offering up to 15 hours music, eight hours video and six hours web browsing.

This sounds, and looks, like a decent stab at tablet performance to us and take a look for yourself at www.geminidevices.com.

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